the trees

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why trees?

We plant 10 trees for every dress sold. Why? Because we care as much about the health of our planet as we do about your happiness.

These 10 trees will bind about 10 tons of CO2 during their lifetime. That is the same amount of CO2 emission caused by an average European per year.

Therefore, we do not only compensate the carbon dioxide of the production, but also actively work against the climate change.

who and where?

Our partner organization Eden Projects is responsible for many reforesting-areas in …. Locals suffering from poverty are employed in order to plant the trees. Together, we fight against climate change and poverty.

Our partner organization Eden Projects is a part of the reforesting association TTC. This association aims at planting 1 billion new trees in order to fight climate change and recreate natural habitats. Check our profile to see that we really plant the trees.

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